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Atari 2600 Composite Video Modification

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Atari 2600 Composite Video Modification


When you buy an Atari 2600 from us, it includes the little adapter needed to display the RF signal on a TV with an RF (Coaxial or "Cable") input.  The video quality of that signal is not great.  It wasn't great in the '80's either but we didn't know any better back then. 

If you would prefer, you can get composite TV output on your new 2600.  Composite input on your TV says something like "Composite Video/Audio", or "CVBS".  The dead giveaway that you have round yellow, white and red connectors.  Some TV's have composite inputs built into their component video input as well.  It's harder to spot that, you might need to check your TV manual.

BUT, getting composite output on an Atari 2600 does require a modification inside of the unit.  We can do that for you.  It involves removing the existing RF output and adding a tiny video circuit board, and then your choice of either the jacks for the composite cables or the composite cables themselves.

If you would like this modification to an Atari 2600 that you purchase from us, just add this product to your cart along with the Atari 2600 you want.  We'll figure it out from there.  

NOTE: There are three versions of this upgrade.  Pick the one you want from the drop-down under the product when you're adding this to your cart.

The first is "JACKS WITHOUT CABLE".  This is like picture #1 above.  You will have to supply your own composite cable.  

The second is "JACKS WITH CABLE".  This is like picture #1 above too.  But we will include an 8' composite cable set with your order. 

The third is "BUILT IN CABLE".  This is like picture #2 above.  The cable comes out of the back of the Atari like the existing RF cable does (or did, before we removed it for you).  You'll have approximately 8 feet of cable to play with sticking out the back of the unit.

All of our systems and original boxes are graded based on cosmetic condition, relative to how they came from the factory.  Pluses and minuses may be assigned when a system is slightly better or slightly worse than the three grades we offer.  

The grades are as follows:

Grade 1: System is as new, with no more than one or two minor blemishes in places not visible when sitting on a desk.  Yellowing must be non-existent or barely observable.  Grade 1+ is reserved for new/unusued or systems that show no signs of use or any discoloration.  Grade 1+ systems cannot be distinguished from factory new systems.

Grade 2: System is very presentable, with few blemishes and/or a little yellowing.  Cases have no cracks.  White keys may have yellowing on their sides. 

Grade 3: System may have cracks on the case, significant blemishes, missing trim pieces that do not affect proper operation, or significant yellowing.  White keys are probably fairly yellow.  These systems are discounted significantly and intended for people who want a system but don't care that it doesn't look great on a desk.

Ungraded: Non-working parts machines, non-working components, or items that obviously can't be graded (such as cables or disks).