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Our Reconditioning Process

Our reconditioning process returns most vintage computers to near-new, cosmetically and functionally. 

We start by removing all circuit boards and inspecting all components for flaws under an inspection scope (such as bulging capacitors, corroded integrated circuit pins, unseated chips, etc.).  Any suspect components are removed and replaced with modern high-quality components. 

Next, we test any vintage power supplies on a scope for proper waveform, noise, and voltage tolerances.  Suspect power supplies are discarded, no mercy!

Electrical components tested, the power supply (or its replacement) and the computer's motherboard are married up and the power turned on.  If necessary, repairs are made to insure full functionality.  All systems have their own model-specific functional reconditioning checklist (see our page on checklists) that are completed (these checklists for your specific computer will be included with purchase and warranty paperwork).  The boards are then cleaned thoroughly, and left to burn-in for at least 24 hours.

The cases are cleaned with non-corroding materials such as good old Dawn dish soap, sodium bicarbonate and isopropyl alcohol -- and a bunch of elbow grease.  Cases that are excessively yellow receive careful and slow retrobrite treatment on our indoor UV tank, using just hydrogen peroxide and water.  When cleaned, a grade is assigned to the case.  See our page on grading for details on what to expect when you buy your system. 

NOTE: We NEVER repaint plastic cases, but may paint metal cases with modern paint color matched to original case colors.

Lastly, the full system is reassembled and burned in for another 24 hours before being photographed for the store and boxed for shipment.

Below are some examples of our reconditioning checklists.  You get one of these with every system or disk drive you purchase, showing exactly what was done to it and its state when you purchase it.  No surprises!

Commodore 64/C64/16
Commodore 128
Commodore 1540/1541/1571
Atari XL Computer Series
Atari XE/XEGS Computer Series
Atari 400/800 Computers
Atari 810/1050 Disk Drives