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Repair and Reconditioning Services

Do you have a classic computer (or disk drive) in need of repair?  Or would you like your classic computer reconditioned through our process to as close to new condition as possible, like the systems we sell?  We might be able to help.

We offer repair services only on systems with which we have a LOT of experience and a healthy stock of spare parts.  So we won't be touching your Cray-1 or that Apollo guidance computer you picked up as government surplus in 1982 that did magic smoke when you tried to port Windows to it.  Not our wheelhouse.

Click here for our standard service agreement.  It's quite friendly.  Basically you send your system to us and agree to an evaluation fee based on weight.  We take a look and give you a "not to exceed" estimate, and the evaluation fee includes the first hour of work if you decide to have us do the work.  We also offer a generous store credit for systems that aren't cost effective to repair if you just want to replace your busted stuff with something lovely from our inventory.

Here is a non-comprehensive list of what we're comfortable working on, including repair, reconditioning and preventive services (like recapping and replacing voltage regulators):

* All Atari 8-bit computers and disk drives except the extremely rare (like the 1400/1450 series)
* All Commodore (including PET) computers and disk drives except the Max Machine
* Amiga anything
* TI-99 4 and 4/a
* Heathkit computers
* Altair and IMSAI computers
* SOL-20
* Game consoles: Atari 2600, 5200, 7800; Intellivision; Coleco

If it's not on that list, ask us.  

Please DO NOT send your system to us without contacting us first.  We do repair work when the shop isn't busy fixing computers for sale, which at times can mean a long wait.  We don't want to sit on your machine for months so we prefer to give you an expectation of timing and let you decide before shipping the system to us.