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90-Day Limited Warranty

All of our systems graded 1, 2 or 3 come with a 90-Day limited warranty (from time of receipt of item by buyer) against material defects in operation.  Defects include, but are not limited to, failure to power on, failure to read disks (for drives sold as operational), failure to produce a video display, keyboard failures, etc.  

Warranty Claims: If you have a problem with your system, contact us by e-mail and detail the problem (take pictures if possible, please).  We'll give you return instructions.  Drop it in the mail (well packaged please -- we suggest keeping the packaging we send it to you in).  When we receive it and verify that no warranty exclusions apply, we'll do one of three things:

1) repair it and return it to you and refund your return shipping costs,
2) refund your original purchase price and your return shipping costs, or
3) send you an exact replacement item and refund your return shipping costs.

On receipt of a defective unit, we'll give you an estimate for turn-around time on warranty repairs.  Your warranty will reset to a new 90-Days when we return your item to you.

Exclusions: The following exclusions apply to your 90-Day limited warranty.  

1) If system shows signs of tampering such as broken warranty seals or chip swaps (we laser-engrave valuable chips during reconditioning).
2) Systems or components sold as non-working or as parts are not warrantied in any way.
3) Physical damage to systems or components is not covered under this warranty.
4) Warranty claims submitted (by first contact with us detailing the problem) beyond the 90-Day warranty period will be repaired and returned at your expense (see below).  In this case, we will repair the system and bill you our actual cost with no mark-up for the first year of your ownership.

If an exclusion applies, you will receive an estimate for repairs before repairs are made.  It will be your responsibility to pay for repairs and all shipping costs to return item to you.  If you choose not to pay for repairs or return shipping, you will receive a partial refund for the item, based on the then-current market value (at our sole discretion) of the system in its non-working condition.