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Amiga 500/600/1200 Power Supply (Modernized)

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Amiga Power Supply (Modernized) 

These power supplies are actual Amiga 500/600/1200 power supplies, with the original and unreliable guts ripped out.  We replace the innerds with a modern switching power supply (+5V, -12V, +12V) with more than enough power to handle any level of upgraded Amiga 500/600/1200.  Outwardly, they look like original Amiga power supplies.  The only way to tell the insides have been modernized is to look carefully through the vents, or by the weight.  

Condition 1 Units no noticeable yellowing, no cracks, dings or dents.  Similar to new.  Includes our 90 day warranty.

Condition 2 Units slight yellowing, no cracks, possibly minor but barely noticeable dings in the plastic.  Very presentable.  Includes our 90 day warranty.

Condition 3 Units Works great.  But likely to display significant yellowing.  Possible case cracks and/or missing plastic pieces that do not affect function.  Good for hiding under desks or telling tall tales at vintage computer festivals about how you wrestled an angry badger for it in the municipal dump.  Includes our 90 day warranty.


We also offer upgrade/conversion service for your own Amiga 500/600/1200 power supply.  This service will replace the contents of your Amiga power supply with a modern switching unit, as described above.  This service can also be used to convert non-US power supplies to US standard plugs and voltages.  Includes a 90 day warranty on all work.


All of our systems and original boxes are graded based on cosmetic condition, relative to how they came from the factory.  Pluses and minuses may be assigned when a system is slightly better or slightly worse than the three grades we offer.  

The grades are as follows:

Grade 1: System is as new, with no more than one or two minor blemishes in places not visible when sitting on a desk.  Yellowing must be non-existent or barely observable.  Grade 1+ is reserved for new/unusued or systems that show no signs of use or any discoloration.  Grade 1+ systems cannot be distinguished from factory new systems.

Grade 2: System is very presentable, with few blemishes and/or a little yellowing.  Cases have no cracks.  White keys may have yellowing on their sides. 

Grade 3: System may have cracks on the case, significant blemishes, missing trim pieces that do not affect proper operation, or significant yellowing.  White keys are probably fairly yellow.  These systems are discounted significantly and intended for people who want a system but don't care that it doesn't look great on a desk.

Ungraded: Non-working parts machines, non-working components, or items that obviously can't be graded (such as cables or disks).