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Bonus Life Computer AtariMAX Multicart

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Bonus Life Computer AtariMAX Multicart

This multicart is an 8MBit AtariMAX cartridge especially made for Bonus Life Computers.  It works in any Atari 400, 800, XL, XE, or XEGS machine (program ram requirements may limit some programs from working in 400's).  Just plug it in, pick the program you want from the menu, and off you go!

We offer it in two flavors: Preprogrammed and Custom Programming, as follows:

Custom Programming: You include a list of up to 8MBit with of BIN, ROM, XEX, ATR or COM files that you'd like on the cartridge, in the "notes to seller" field when you checkout (or e-mail your list to us).  Actually, send us a few extras, and prioritize the list.  Some titles, usually disk images, won't work.  But most do.  We'll use our programmer to preload those titles onto the cartridge, and do basic testing to make sure they work.  Then we ship the cartridge to you.  NOTE: for copyright purposes, you must already own the cartridge or disk version of any non-public domain software you ask us to load on your BLC Multicart.

Preprogrammed: We send you a preprogrammed cartridge with select public domain or license-free games, utilities and demos.  The current list of what's on the preprogrammed cartridge can be seen in the item picture of the screen menu, shown above. 

Please note, this is a fully functional AtariMAX 8MBit MultiCart, as sold at www.atarimax.com.  You can always reprogram this multicart yourself, if you purchase their Maxflash USB Programmer .

All of our systems and original boxes are graded based on cosmetic condition, relative to how they came from the factory.  Pluses and minuses may be assigned when a system is slightly better or slightly worse than the three grades we offer.  

The grades are as follows:

Grade 1: System is as new, with no more than one or two minor blemishes in places not visible when sitting on a desk.  Yellowing must be non-existent or barely observable.  Grade 1+ is reserved for new/unusued or systems that show no signs of use or any discoloration.  Grade 1+ systems cannot be distinguished from factory new systems.

Grade 2: System is very presentable, with few blemishes and/or a little yellowing.  Cases have no cracks.  White keys may have yellowing on their sides. 

Grade 3: System may have cracks on the case, significant blemishes, missing trim pieces that do not affect proper operation, or significant yellowing.  White keys are probably fairly yellow.  These systems are discounted significantly and intended for people who want a system but don't care that it doesn't look great on a desk.

Ungraded: Non-working parts machines, non-working components, or items that obviously can't be graded (such as cables or disks).